Monday, August 07, 2006

Karl as muse

Ok, my candidate has spoken, so I'm opening my clam (plus I had to wait until I could recall my username, so I could then deduce my password, so I could then log in once again. I might be too intellectually feeble for team Wirsing, considering that it took me a month to accomplish these three simple tasks). I offer this as an anthem for the Wirsing campaign, in which Karl vanquishes man's great scourge, the grizzly bear. Well, the vanquishing part isn't actually in the poem. But it happens afterwards. I can revise if it'll get me Poet Laureate.

A Toast

Karl says grizzly would be the way to go:
“A return to nature. And who knows, maybe
I could beat it.” I picture him at eighty,
wizened in his fringed leather coat,
somewhere in Montana. Patting a cow
or chopping wood. Then the bear hulks in,
approaching with stealth – “Oh Karl,”
I say, “that’s a mistake.” Who wants to die
enveloped in bear breath, gnawed open,
natural or not? Lamplight ghosts glint
from Karl’s glasses. He refills my cup,
then his, with wine. We clink rims.
To health
to drink
to friends.


katie the pirate said...

Woah. I posted too soon. I just read "The Myth of Karl" and would like to nominate Tony for Poet Laureate. Or perhaps he needs a new title, something more like Liturgical Excellency?

Karl said...

I get so weepy when I read about me and that bear. It's just beautifual, Katie. Just beautiful.

Tony said...

That's a wonderful poem and could really be used to establish the legendary aspects of Karl.

Killing a bear did get Davey Crocket into the Senate.

Let's play it up, Team Wirsing. Next time you're on the T, start a conversation with the person next to you and say, "did you hear about this guy named Karl who killed a Grizzly Bear with his bare (ha) hands in the Fens last week."