Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Report on Karl's Ankle

As the Director of Physical Fitness, I feel it is my duty to update Team Wirsing on the condition of our future President's ankle. As most of you probably know, Karl injured his ankle last Sunday while playing soccer, saving orphans from a burning building, competing in five games of chess, reading War and Peace in the original Russian, negotiating pay raises for public school educators, and posing for the cover of a Harlequin romance novel. As you can imagine, the stress on Mr. Wirsing's ankle was significant and the injury was painful.

At the moment, he cannot move backwards or laterrally without severe discomfort but can walk and run forward with little difficulty.

So, in conclusion, the ankle injury has had little affect on Karl's campaigning and everyday life since, as we know, he never moves backwards or side to side but only forward into the improved Wirld of tomorrow.

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Karl said...

We did suffer a slight setback this morning, though, as I tried to put on my right shoe. My ankle buckled a bit as I attempted to shuffle it snugly into place, and I winced noticeably, had there been anybody nearby to witness the pain. On the positive side, I learned that it really is difficult to fill my shoes.