Friday, November 17, 2006

The magic starts tomorrow

We're taking the campaign bus down to South Carolina this weekend for a Gamecocks football game at my beloved Williams-Brice Stadium. At no other place, I'd wager, will you find so many unbelievably - nay, even rabidly - loyal fans ... for whom I'd give almost anything to have on our side. Hell, South Carolina can't put a winning tradition together for all the hall-of-fame coaches on the market (and this hurts me; it hurts terribly), and that doesn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits for more than a gloomy offseason. Now if It Could Be Wirsing even gets a little positive momentum, we ought to seem awfully appealing by comparison!

So what will it take to get tens of thousands of supporters to file out and scream for us once a week for the next 26 years? Mike, this is your job, figure it out.

In the meantime, Go Cocks!