Friday, December 01, 2006

Big Game Tonight

This evening, at 6:30 p.m. on a field somewhere in Somerville, "Team Hot" will play in the semi-final game of a co-ed rec soccer league: 7 v. 7, pure heat, pure action, pure magic. But the question on my mind is not whether we'll win. I'm more concerned whether we should read tonight's result as a judgment on the worthiness of this whole campaign - several team members work double-duty on It Could be Wirsing, after all. The political gods have been gracious this fall. Yet how much goodwill is there left for us?

I lost some sleep last night. Not because I was worrying about the game, but because my pillows really suck. They couldn't cushion a toilet seat. During that free time, however, between nursing my sore-ass neck and reading Cosmo, I thought about some things. I wish I could remember what they were.

Vote Wirsing: Where big teeth win

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Brian Joseph Hurley said...

KICK ass tonight, Karl!