Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our Man in Washington

Dear Team Wirsing,

After reading this blog, my friend Joe said "Awesome...great website." And Joe works in Washington DC, so I believe we have a brand new ally for storming the White House in 2032. As you can see, Joe has already infiltrated North Korea. And he doesn't even look Korean! Now that's what I call an inside man.

Blow your mighty conch, Karl. Our team is growing.

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Karl said...

Growth is good, Brian, and you are a beautiful instrument of it. Incidentally, I also picked up three more contributors over the weekend down in North Carolina. Welcome to Robert and David (aka Bird). Lee, the aforementioned third, is waiting in the wings.

If this inside man of yours, who seems helpful in a Korean pinch, wants part of this magnificent team, then shoot us his email. His invitation will be toes-down at the start line.