Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Do not fear the silence ...

... it is but the deep, chest-gorging inhale of a gathering storm.

But seriously, we have a campaign fundraiser scheduled in Boston for the evening of Saturday, November 4th, beginning at 9:00 p.m. at The Columbia House. We have the privilege of featuring, as our keynote speaker, Mr. Michael Moats, our esteemed campaign manager and accomplished political thinker of this, our own, generation. His birthday is the very same night; we shall celebrate him as well as our organization, top to bottom the finest in the 2032 race. Our future is in his hands. The least we can do, and do enthusiastically, is put ours together and hear what he has to say.

Dress is casual. For tickets and directions, please contact our headquarters at Seats are available on a limited basis.

Cocktail hour(s) will run from 9:00-11:00. At 11:15, there will be a brief introductory announcement, followed at 11:30 sharp by Mr. Moats' address.

See you there,

It could be me


Eve said...

Karl (and co),
I just wanted to let you know that as i could formerly simply google, "karl wirsing, president" you are no longer a top hit for that topic. sad.

your blog is what us office-dwellers do all day, please, for the sake of the starving satirical intellectuals out there; keep up the blog.

The Other Kate said...

As a person who works via the Internet (or, as is more accurate to say, writes personal emails and reads personal blogs all day), I second that.

Yes. . .and just think of all those ICBW supporters who cannot attend the November 4 gathering. What of them?!

Please, let us all take time to embrace and nurture the campaign blog. Let us not think of school and work and family and friends -- all of those frivolous things that suck our energy and distract us from what matters.

Whether it takes an excess of caffeine, food, alcohol, or sex, we must keep the momentum of the ICBW blog thudding forward, strong. Then, one day soon, we will wake to find that we've jumped over the "could be-s," even ascended the "will be-s," only to be welcomed into that lush valley of immeasurable richness where it IS, indeed, Wirsing.

-- A Starving Satirical Intellectual in Chicago

Karl said...

Wow, who could read that and NOT be inspired? Eve, Kate, I'm plum excited and tingly all over.

For starving intellectuals everywhere, we humbly serve (and for everyone else in America, too).