Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New fists in the ring

Things have looked rather bleak on the campaign front, I'm afraid, for quite some time. But then I glanced over the last post this morning and found an extra comment tacked on from Holly Togel. That name sounded awfully familiar, and then her threat that she "plays dirty" sent me digging into the It Could Be Wirsing archives. And there it was: Miss Togel, too, is running for president in 2032. She's the one who pledged to paint the White House blue? Yeah, that's her, the artisitic type.

Can this really be you, Holly, or just someone pulling my leg? Has someone stolen your identity and challenged me in your stead? If it IS you, then I welcome the competition! What we've needed in these languishing times is a little spirited ribbing. So I ask you, Holly, or mock-Holly, or whoever it is impersonating you, what say you to a little debate?


Anonymous said...

That actually was the real Holly Togel commenting - I'm her mom and was sitting beside her as she was typing...she just hasn't been back to read again, since we're already on the campaign trail (of course, always two steps ahead of the other candidates...).
I will let her know that you would like a debate with her - she's already in bed for tonight. She has a top level meeting with her advisor of intelligence enhancement tomorrow all day, so any answer will be delayed until those talks are over (probably around 4pm eastern time).

Mona said...

People should read this.