Monday, August 21, 2006

Branding Ideas

"Qarl and Shak" just didn't sound right.

*Of president of the United States, of course.

This one only works as long as we're not facing a challenger with a name like Worstershire. We can't afford to be be beaten at our own game.


katie the pirate said...

Hurley, you are some sort of marketing genius. I will make fliers of all three and begin distributing them on the T. Next stop: Victory Street!

Federalist No. 2006 said...

This is good work. I have two suggestions:

- We need to see some cyborg elements on the eagle in Fig. 1. Perhaps a laser eye, or a sonic boom eagle cry. We're talking about the future.

- On the same note, we will have to gauge the popularity of Michael Jackson, and Bad in particular, before rolling out Fig. 3.

Fig. 2. is my favorite.

Karl said...

I mostly agree with Mike's assessment of Fig. 1, except we could further improve the imagery with a shot of Arnold from Terminator 2, with half his face blown off exposing that menacing cyborg red eye. Can we get a preview of that, Brian?

Brian Joseph Hurley said...

Okay, I looked into it, and apparently cyborgs and eagles have different forehead sizes. Because you can't really line up a picture of a flesh-eaten cyborg with a red laser beam eye and a picture of a bald eagle. The eagle's eyes are near the top of its head. The cyborg's eyes are in the middle of its head. And then you get into all this trouble with asymmetrical chins and necks.

All is not lost, however. We'll just have to come up with some original artwork. (I believe Camron knows how to illustrate.) Or else mate an eagle and a cyborg. With Michael Jackson. Back when he was BAD!

By the way, do you ever have that dream where Michael Jackson steps out of the music video for Smooth Criminal and walks into the present day, and he dances off against the current Michael Jackson on a precarious log spanning the mouth of a raging waterfall, and partway through a flying zeppelin shows up, piloted by your mother, and she rains dozens of fresh-baked snickerdoodles on the whole proceedings, shouting about what a bad son you are, and how you can't dance to save your life?

Karl said...

Yeah, but in my version my mom curses me for not being the daughter she always wanted.