Monday, August 07, 2006

Wish List

Dear Team Wirsing and beyond,

Hoping to see exactly what we care about the most, I'd like us to make a Presidential Wish List - a letter to Santa, if you will, about what we'd like to see change in our national policies. And let's assume, first, that World Peace and an End to Hunger are taken.

Here, I'll go first. I already explained part of this to Awesome Peterson and Mike the other night.

I want all kids, beginning in kindergarten, to start learning a second language, and then to keep learning that language throughout their education so that they are truly bilingual when they graduate into this world. An introduction to Global Cultures, too, is an important component of this language education. Future generations of Americans ought to have a deeper appreciation of countries and cultures and peoples far outside of our own boundaries.

What do you want to see in the White House (besides me)?


Federalist No. 2006 said...

At that age we should probably start to teach basic mechanics, sewing, industrial repair, etc.

India and China will probably be building their New Economy jobs about that time, and looking to re-outsource.

katie the pirate said...

I want to see cheese in the white house! I like Manchego.

Tony said...

In 2032, I believe that our primary focus should be on natural resources.

I fear that we are becoming too dependent on blood as an energy resource, and in Karl's presidency I would like to see America transition to an oil-based circulatory system.

K dub said...

How can I decide what I want in 2032 when I can't even decide what I want for lunch?

Love the site. Maybe a daily Sudoko would reach more people. Start with an easy one and build to harder.

Karl said...

Well K Dub, I'm thinking about a bagel with roasted red pepper cream cheese. Perhaps you should try the same.

And as for Sudoko, do we have to come up with them ourselves?

Karl said...

Before anyone calls me dishonest, I ended up choosing a garlic and onion cream cheese. My bad.